Why Plan for your Post-Work Lifestyle

Retirement Lifestyle Planning is about more than just money; it encompasses many factors including your health and wellness, social relationships and hobbies and interests.

Considering the lifestyle you want throughout retirement well before retiring is the best course of action so that you can begin to make and implement plans to attain your goals. When considering your desired lifestyle, be sure to take your values and enjoyment into account and not just financial constraints and resources. Creating a stimulating retirement is certain to provide a more successful and meaningful post-work lifestyle

What to Consider

When planning your retirement lifestyle, be sure to ponder and include enjoyable experiences and leisurely activities.

Gerontologist Gene Cohen suggests developing a portfolio of interests and activities that includes things you do solo as well as with others. He also suggests including activities that require little to no mobility as well as things to do. This way you’re setting things up so that you will remain engaged with life throughout retirement regardless of future circumstances.

Have you always wanted to join a team or club? Why not consider doing so in retirement?  Think about activities you’ve always wanted to try but never actually tried. Is there an activity that a friend of yours participates in that peaks your interest? You can include it in your retirement lifestyle plans.

What go-to activities do you enjoy? In other words, if you’re bored, what do you do – play bingo, bridge, go for a walk?

There are no limits to planning the lifestyle you desire. If you’re feeling stumped, discuss it with your partner or family member. Of course, your financial advisor is always a reliable source of help too.

Bottom Line

There is a plethora of options and no limits when designing your retirement lifestyle. Just remember to be honest with yourself so when you speak with your financial advisor, he/she can design a plan that accurately reflects and aligns with the retirement lifestyle you designed.