Exploring New Relationships and Interests for Retirees

There are many options for retirees who want to live active and fulfilling lifestyles and doing so is a wise choice! The follow are some suggestions and places you can look to meet new people and explore new hobbies and interests within your community.

Adult Activity Centres

Places such as adult activity centres are designed for retired people to mingle and meet peers who share the same interests and hobbies or to learn new ones. Sewing, dancing, book clubs, card making, and scrapbooking are great clubs for staying social and for learning new skills. Some adult activity centres even include workshops for people who like to build with tools. There are often event nights and card tournaments going on as well.


Another great avenue for retirees to increase their social network is volunteering within the community. Volunteering with children, pets, or the ill and infirm are very rewarding experiences and you never know who you might meet, or what stories you might share.

You can use cooking and baking skills to contribute to community dinners and charitable bake sales. Knitting mittens or slippers to give to local women’s shelters is always a worthy cause.  Volunteer opportunities are often posted in the newspaper, the library, or local community centres.


You can continue to be social as an older adult by taking classes at the community college. Meeting new people while learning a new skill, such as computers, cake decorating, photography, or a new kind of cuisine, can provide a great conversational ice breaker in other aspects of life. Learning something such as flower arranging can come in handy for many events and bring unexpected inspiration and new social interactions.

Don’t Forget to Do What You Enjoy!

It is easy for seniors to be social when they use their life experience to help someone else.  Donating your time, sharing what you enjoy doing with someone else, staying active in adult fitness classes such as swim aerobics or a step class, are all great options. Even something as simple as connecting with a distant friend via a pen-pal relationship can be a fun way to keep in touch and stay social.

Here are a few more quick ideas for the social senior:

-Talk to a stranger once a day

-Find out three new things about someone you are close to

-Try a new activity and tell someone else about what you learned

– Teach someone something

– Host a theme night party

– Host a pot luck dinner party

– Eat at a new restaurant once a month

– Learn a new sport

– Travel on a guided bus trip

Keep in Touch

Now that you have a new social circle, how do you keep in touch?

  • Make something just for them
  • Invite them out for lunch
  • Go on a nature walk
  • Send them a card or a letter
  • Cook together
  • Start a book club
  • Start a creative writing club